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Dr Zaw Zaw Oo
MBBS, MMedSc, DrMedSc, DipMedEd

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1. History of the Department

          The Department of Forensic Medicine was established in the University of Medicine, Magway, in 2004 with the two teaching staff: 1) Dr Than May Kyi, Lecturer and the Head, and 2) Dr Kyaw Kyaw Oo, visiting Lecturer from University of Medicine, Mandalay. The teaching of Forensic Medicine in undergraduate course, the final part I, MBBS, was started in May, 2004. Then Dr Kyaw Kyaw Oo was replaced by another visiting Lecturer form University of Medicine 1, Yangon, Dr Myo Thaik Oo, from June, 2005 to June, 2006. And then Dr Nan Khin Mya, another visiting Lecturer from the University of Medicine, Mandalay, helped the teaching of Forensic Medicine at the Department till June, 2007. She was the only teaching staff at the Department when Dr Than May Kyi retired as the Head of the Department in January, 2007.

            Dr Aung Soe was appointed as the Associate Professor and Head of the Department in February, 2007. He was promoted as the Professor and Head in July, 2010 and ran the Department till August, 2011. Then Dr Aung Myo Tun took the chair as the Associate Professor and Head till June, 2015. His successor was Dr Thaung Lin, Professor and he ran the Department as the Head till December, 2018.

            The current Head of the Department is Dr Zaw Zaw Oo, Associate Professor, taking the chair since December 10, 2018. He was laterally transferred as the Associate Professor to the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Medicine Magway on January 5, 2018, from the University of Medicine 2, Yangon.

            The postgraduate master Forensic Course was introduced in the University of Medicine, Magway since May, 2015. Now it is running into the fourth batch of the master course.

            The Head of the Department of Forensic Medicine is also the Head of Police Surgeon Office at the Magway Regional Hospital dealing with the medico-legal works and training at the Regional Hospital.


2. Departmental Staff


Teaching Staff: (7)    

1. AP/Head                 - Dr Zaw Zaw Oo                   - MBBS, MMedSc, DrMedSc, DipMedEd

2. Lecturer                  - Dr Zaw Latt                          - MBBS, MMedSc

3. Assistant Lecturer  - Dr Sai Lin Htin Kyaw           - MBBS, MMedSc

                                    - Dr Zarni Aung                     - MBBS, MMedSc

4. Demonstrator        - Dr Soe Min Htike                - MBBS, MMedSc      

                                    - Dr Sai Min Min                    - MBBS

                                    - Dr Ayechan Thawdar Khaing - MBBS


Non-teaching Staff: (4)

1. U Myo Min Oo                                                       - Lab Technician, Grade 2

2. Daw Thin Thin Myaing                                          - Lab Technician, Grade 3

3. Daw Khin Hnin Yu                                                 - Lab Technician, Grade 3

4. Daw Dai Par                                                           - Lab Technician, Grade 3


3. Trainees at the present (as of June, 2019)

  • Final Part I (6/2019) Students: 212
  • Master students                    : 2

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