History of Department of Anatomy

University of Medicine, Magway

            University of Medicine, Magway was first recognized at 14th December 2000 by the government. The Department of Anatomy was established with the first intake of 2nd M.B.,B.S students in March 2002. The department was first founded by Prof Dr. Saw Aik Yong, Associated Professor and Head of Department of Anatomy, University of Medicine, Magway.

            At that time, the department was run with two permanent staffs. At 2003, Dr. Saw Aik Yong was promoted to Professor and Head of Department of Anatomy. Another two permanent staffs were recruited to the department. Two three-years-bond demonstrators were posted at 2004. There were total of 5 permanent staffs and two three-years-bond staffs. The teaching programme was assisted by teaching staff from other University of Medicine by two week visiting programmed up to June 2003. After that, one year-rotating lecturers from University of Medicine 1 and 2, Yangon filled the gap of teaching in Department of Anatomy.

After 2004, when Dr. Saw Aik Yong was transferred to University of Medicine Mandalay, Dr. Than Than Win, Dr. Khin Thida and Dr. Nyo Nyo Myint dutifully handed over the department as Professor and Head.

First postgraduate course (Master Degree of anatomy) was initiated at December, 2009 and first Doctor of Philosophy course (PhD-Anatomy) was started at December, 2013.

            Nowadays, Dr. Thit Sar Aye Mg Thann was appointed as Associated Professor and Head of Department of Anatomy, University of Medicine, Magway. In the present day, the strength of the department is one Associate Professor and Head, one Associate Professor, two Lecturers, two Assistant Lecturers, four Demonstrators and two post graduate students.








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